A Foxy Possibility for She-Hulk

April 14, 2009

The She-Hulk comic book series has become popular, so of course it's inevitable that sooner or later we're likely going to see this character get her own movie. Now rumors are beginning to surface that Megan Fox might just be the babe to play the lady hulk...

Screen Rant quotes their source:

The idea is to make She-Hulk sexier but even more savage than the Hulk, which is why Megan is the big favourite for the lead. She’ll be green of course and will have to hang on to a few more pieces of clothes than the male version when she transforms!

So let me get this straight -- not only will the She-Hulk be way hotter than the He-Hulk, she's also going to be more savage? Is that possible? Am I scared, turned on, or some freaky combination of the two?

The basic origin story of the She-Hulk goes thus:

In the original comics, She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner, who is shot and critically wounded by mobsters. Having the same DNA and blood-type as Jennifer, Bruce Banner transfuses her with his own gamma-irradiated blood to save her life, inadvertently transforming her into the She-Hulk.

I suppose now might be a good time to ask at what point will the movie-going public feel overexposed to Fox. At this point, though, it seems like we're a long way off.

In the event that this rumor is totally baseless (very high probability), who else would be good as She-Hulk? Anyone you think would do better than Megan Fox?

Source: Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images