Anthony “Spice” Adams Announces His Retirement from the NFL…at White Castle?

Anthony Adams, a former defensive tackle for the San Francisco and Chicago Bears, has announced his retirement in a unique way: by releasing a YouTube video. 

The video shows Adams attempting to get mainstream media coverage for his announcement, until he ends up making holding a press conference in front of a confused, half-interested customer at White Castle.

Check out the video below:

All joking aside, Adams (@SpiceAdams on twitter) ends a solid ten-year career where he racked up 278 tackles. In 2010 he won the Ed Block Courage Award, a distinction voted on by fellow players to recognize men who are exceptional role models and exemplify inspiration, sportsmanship, and courage.

We wish Adams the best in all his future endeavors. Although if this video is any indication, we're sure he'll be making the best of his free time.

Playbook 360 knows all about life after retirement from the NFL. Before the start of the 2012 season our host, former Giants linebacker Dhani Jones, caught up with retired wide receiver David Tyree to talk about the game and life after retirement.

Check out the video below.

Catching up with David Tyree
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Image Credit: Jonathan Daniel/ Getty Images Sport