OnLive Streaming Video Game Service Ready for a Test Drive

September 3, 2009

The concept of OnLive is an ambitious one: Using a broadband connection, video games are streamed directly to your PC or television, eliminating the need for expensive gaming computers and home consoles. But does it actually work? Now you can find out for yourself.

Going forward, the biggest hurdle for the service to overcome will be the potential for lag - not only in terms of online gaming, but with this technology, even controller inputs might be affected by any slowdown in your internet connection.

But a service like this also offers a major benefit to gamers: Game companies would no longer be constrained by the horsepower that the typical user has at home, because all that expensive gear would be sitting at OnLive's server farm, and the user simply pays for access to the service.

Curious to see how it'll all go down? Well you can now register for the invite-only beta test and see how your internet connection would handle what some are already heralding as the future of video games. Of course, with ISP's recent reluctance to improve their networks, OnLive may have a quite an uphill battle ahead of them.


Source: Gizmodo