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Courtney Love Posts Inappropriate Photos Online, Misremembers what Social Network Means

by girls   October 05, 2010 at 3:30PM  |  Views: 545

In her continued pursuit of attention, Courtney Love is angry that people reacted to photos that she posted on a social network. And yep, check the photos at the jump.

Photo: Eric Ryan/Getty Images

Courtney Love is inarguably in great shape. And this is a woman that looked to tip the scales at 200 big ones not long ago. Last week the 46-year-old decided to upload some racy pics of herself to social networking website Twitter. One shot shows the Hole singer topless, reclining in a chair wearing only black underwear. Her pose has been kindly described as “looking unconscious.”

Love is apparently furious at the attention that particular photograph has received. It begs the question--why the hell did she post it in the first place? Does she not understand the concept of social network?

The good news is Love is unlikely to post similar photographs in the future as she has quit Twitter. Her last tweet was, “I'm off twitter, that photo was meant for a boy friend.” This is the second time Love has quit Twitter, so it’s also likely she’ll be back. Perhaps she should learn how it works to make sure the third time's the charm. They don’t call her the Amanda Bynes of Twitter for nothing.

Source: Courtney Love/Twitter