A quick thought on Deadliest Warrior

September 25, 2010

I know that no show is perfect, and not everyone can analyze things perfectly, and that this isn't a history program. But, to be frank, there are people that make their own match-ups (NOT rematches) That I like a lot more. There is one blogger, I forgot his account name, who literally takes tactics, armor, and almost every other thing in to account. Whoever that was, I respect you.


The show itself hardly impresses me. My favorite part would have to be the testing. Hell, the little entertainment battle they stage at the end basically spews BS, even though it has no effect on the test, it's still annoying to see a Cestus have no effect when it punches that Apache in the face.


The show should be called something along the line of "Weapons and the Warriors that use them" or something, because it's about weapons, not tactics, not armor. One of the only instances of the TRUE warrior I saw was when Maxim was getting punched by Geoff Desmoulin or when they were practicing a fist fight, THAT was the true test of a warrior. Their tests are on some generic moving targets and torsos, so what if your sword can lop off a head, what about going through their shield, and their armor, or what about if it missed?


Lethality is all they test, it seems. If it's not lethal, it doesn't work in the battle. In the Ninja vs Spartan episode, I truly, truly think the results would be different if they quit looking at LETHALITY alone. If you have all this shit in your eyes, it  wont get out with ease, and in the midst of battle, that makes the difference.


I hope that Season 3 is more analytical, but I have my doubts. I might start writing my own matchups, or even reviews.