Elite Gamer-Specific Mice from HP

September 16, 2008

I love those meeses to pieces.  Except when I have to use civilian mice that aggravate my delicate fingers with their clunky response times and unacceptable two-button interfaces.  Hewlet Packard, now, has three new, gamer-specific mice rolling out for the monitor-tanned, eagle-clawed online gamers among us.  Click for deets.

Mouse #1: HDX Laser Mouse

The most pedestrian of the new mousse.  It has, according to HP, 5 programmable button profiles, 6.4Mpixel/sec resolution engine at 500 reports/second.  It also says it's 8x faster than conventional mice, but that seems like something that's determined by your finely tuned forearm muscles not the tool their attached to.


Mouse #2: Laser Gaming Voodoo Mouse

Seen at the header.  This mosue has everything above plus Voodoo. Also known as HP's VoodooDNA GUI software.  But, that doesn't necessarily mean there isn't legitimate voodoo magic in it also.

Mouse #3: Vector Mouse

Nobody knows, but it looks pretty doesn't it? All HP did was release a pic.


Here's the stats via Gizmodo via HP:

Plug and Play Performance

• Customize your mouse for an effortless gaming experience personalized to the way you play

Features & Benefits:

  • Keep up to 5 mouse setting profiles
  • Five programmable buttons to store macros

• 8x faster than conventional mice. Delivers blazing speed and instant acceleration
• Polytetrafluoroethylene Gaming Feet. Large, frictionless feet for effortless smooth glide
• High resolution engine churns images at an astounding 6.4Mpixels/sec. Large sensor array and precision laser technology allow the HDX Laser Mouse to deliver best-in-class performance and tracking

  • Gaming laser mouse with four on the fly selectable DPIs
  • DPI=400/800/1600/2400 *
  • 4 multi-color DPI settings
  • Up to 35 inches/second **
  • Up to 8G
  • Up to 500 reports/second
  • Full speed USB 2.0
  • 5 programmable buttons
  • 5 individual setting profiles

• 4 large Teflong feet, 3D racing rubber tire pattern scroll wheel

System Requirements:

• Genuine Windows Vista® or Genuine Windows® XP

Warranty and Support:

  • One-year, worldwide parts-and-labor limited warranty

• 24x7 HP technical phone support during warranty period

What's in the Box:

  • Laser mouse
  • Documentation
  • Software Driver

• 1 year limited warranty