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Blood on the Sand: SWAT vs. GSG-9

by spike.com   April 23, 2010 at 6:48PM  |  Views: 617

Cool Points That Didn't Air

LWRC PSD - Okay, so this is rock solid BUT did you know why the 6.8mm round was designed? It was designed to combine the positives and remove the negatives of current 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO ammunition. The current standard 5.56mm round is a quick round and carries a moderate amount of energy potential. While the 7.62mm round is slower and carries a larger energy potential. A quick round is more accurate since it gets to its target faster and has less time to be influenced by wind, rain, and other environmental distracters while a round with more energy potential has greater take down power. The 6.8mm combines the high velocity and therefore accuracy of the 5.56mm while maintaining energy potential close to that of the 7.62mm. Best of both worlds.

Did you also know that the sighting system on that weapon and shown in the show has an EOTech heads up display technology sighting system? Woot! It can switch from cross hairs to red dot reticle. Anywhere that red dot lands on the ~1inx1-inch display is where your round will land. It's designed so that the operator can keep both eyes open during shooting. This is important since during a high stress situation both eyes are kept open by the body's emergency response system in order to get as much info on the threat as possible... so it makes sense to build a sighting system that supports that.

One more point! I'm geeking out! You were warned! X26 Taser: I tested it on a 1K Ohm resistor that mimics the resistance of human flesh and hooked up an oscilloscope that allowed me to calculate the amount of electrical energy that it imparts on the body. I tested the X26 in two conditions:

1) both probes touching the resistor mimicking both probes embedded cleanly into the skin and

2) one probe touching the resistor and the other one about ½ inch away mimicking that one probe is obstructed by clothing say a thick leather jacket.

What I found was that the energy imparted to the body was virtually the same in both cases! Why? Tasers push only a small current, BUT in high resistance situations like poor contact with the probes it has a high voltage (50,000 V) that it can draw off of to push that same small current (i.e., safe and effective under various conditions).

Okay, I'm done geeking out for this week. Find the hosts of Deadliest Warrior on Twitter at @maxgeiger, @drdorian, and @geoffdesmoulin.

If you missed the latest Deadliest Warrior episode that Geoff refers to here - SWAT vs GSG-9 - stay in the loop by watching it on Spike.com.