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Mantenna - Oprah Says Farewell

by ncoles   May 25, 2011 at 7:20PM  |  Views: 3,391
Oprah Winfrey bids adieu, Lady Gaga talks about being bullied, and NASA is set to launch an awesome mission… Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood…of the Mantenna.

Oprah Says Farewell

Photo: Bruce Glikas/ FilmMagic/Getty Images

After 25 years on television, Oprah Winfrey has signed off from her syndicated talk show for the last time. Today’s final episode was a somber event, far different for the splashy, star-filled goodbye episodes that aired Monday and Tuesday. Oprah opened the show saying, “There will be no makeovers, no surprises — really, no surprises. You will not be getting a car or a tree. This last hour is really about me saying ‘thank you.’” Oprah played a clip from her very first show and said, “This show always allows people, hopefully, to understand the power they have to change their own lives.” Oprah ended her final show simply, saying, “I won’t say goodbye. I’ll just say ‘until we meet again.’ To God be the glory.” She then exited the soundstage to a standing ovation. Winfrey will now start the next chapter of her life, focusing her full attention on building an audience for her struggling cable television network OWN. [New York Times]

Lady Gaga Was Bullied

In a frank and open interview with Rolling Stone, Lady Gaga has revealed more about her past than ever before. The pop sensation says she doesn’t feel alive unless she’s performing. That might explain why her entire life seems like a performance. The singer also explains why she hides behind outrageous costumes and makeup while in public, telling Rolling Stone, “Being myself in public was very difficult. I was being poked and probed and people would actually touch me and touch my clothes and [I would] be like, 'What the f**k is that?' just so awful. It was like I was being bullied by music lovers.” Bullying is something Gaga can relate to as she says she was bullied at a young age. “Being teased for being ugly, having a big nose, being annoying," she said. “'Your laugh is funny, you're weird, why do you always sing, why are you so into theater, why do you do your make-up like that?' ... I used to be called a s**t, be called this, be called that, I didn't even want to go to school sometimes.” Look who’s having the last laugh now. [Rolling Stone]

NASA to Launch Entirely Awesome Mission to an Asteroid

Photo: NASA/Getty Images News

Forget flights to the moon. NASA has something in store for 2016 that’s going to knock your socks off. The newly announced mission, dubbed Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer (or OSIRIS-REx, for short), will be the agency’s inaugural mission to bring samples from an asteroid back to Earth. Forgetting the entirely plausible scientific rationale for this journey for a moment, it’s pretty cool to think about all the crazy sci-fi horror spectacles that could arise from this sort of thing. Better start making your popcorn now, folks. [NASA]

A Complete Guide to Seinfeld’s Sneakers

Fans of Jerry Seinfeld, Nike shoes, or just the ridiculously wacky styles of the early 1990s will be excited by this one. “Footwear historian” Gary Warnett has completed the herculean task of outlining pretty much every pair of sneakers worn by the one and only Jerry Seinfeld during the run of his hit television sitcom. So be sure to take a look if you’d like to relive the excitement that emanates from a detailed look at hundreds of pairs of Air Techs. [Complex]