Mantenna - Wednesday, August 26

August 26, 2009

300 star Gerard Butler gets accused of hitting a dog, Electronic Gaming Monthly might be getting a reboot, and Megan Fox is rumored to be the new Catwoman...Madness? This is Mantenna!

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Jessica Simpson Has a Lesbian Dog

Jessica Simpson has proudly proclaimed that her pet dog Daisy is a lesbian. The pooch, which was a present from ex-husband Nick Lachey, was outed on Simpson Twitter page. The 29-year-old tweeted, “"Daisy and her best friend Bella back together again" and she captioned a photo of the two dogs together, "Lesbian lovas forever!" Daisy looks like one happy camper! [Us Magazine]

Gerard Butler Accused of Hitting Dog

300 actor Gerard Butler is at the center of a dog scandal with New York dog owner Fred Varecka accusing the actor of hitting his greyhound near the set of The Bounty. According to Butler’s people, the greyhound was attacking the actor’s pug and he had to step in and physically separate the two. Varecka has filed a complaint with local police. [Radar Online]

The Megan Fox/Catwoman Rumor

All sorts of good rubbish is flowing into the filthy cesspool of the internet bathtub today, so don’t even try to escape today clean of this nonsense. The newest rumor about director Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film is that Megan Fox, of all people, is going to play Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman). There has been absolutely no substantiation of this rumor, or of the rumor that Nolan plans on shooting all of the film in IMAX. However, it’s safe to say that one of these rumors is exciting and hoped for and the other is dispiriting and depressing. These days Megan Fox is rumored to be in just about everything, so it’s best to just assume she’s not attached until more reputable sources say otherwise. [The Sun]

Xander Cage Will Live to See Another Day

It looks like, amidst all the rumors and hearsay coming out of Hollywood, a sequel to the movie XXX is a reality. Or rather, a real sequel, as the sequel that starred Ice Cube doesn’t really count. The new film is titled, imaginatively, XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, and it’s going to be directed by Ericson Core. Core previously directed Invincible starring Mark Wahlberg, and before that was a director of photography, having shot The Fast and the Furious. This seems like a long shot of a reboot/sequel, but then, Fast and Furious fared extremely well when it came out. Perhaps this is the year of the Diesel. [Hollywood Reporter]

Chris Brown Allegedly Involved In Other Violent Acts


Source: Pool/Getty Images

It has now surfaced that Chris Brown was allegedly involved in two other unreported domestic violence incidents with Rihanna. According to The Los Angeles Times, a probation officer's report filed with the court alleges the first incident occurred about three months ago in Europe, when Brown and Rihanna were in a "verbal dispute." She slapped him and Brown responded by shoving her into a wall. What a douche. [LA Times]

Michael & Michael Hate Each Other

If you have yet to see Comedy Central's Michael & Michael Have Issues, tonight's gonna be your last chance for awhile. The season premiere airs at 10:30PM ET/9:30PM CT on the aforementioned channel and, if you're a fan of UCB or The State, you won't want to miss it. Don't believe us?  Check out the exclusive clip now to get your funny bone tickled. [Comedy Central]

Mininova is Next in Line for The Pirate Bay Treatment
In the wake of all the legal issues hitting The Pirate Bay lately, many have turned to alternative torrent tracking sites for their torrent needs. Mininova has been picking up quite a bit of that slack recently, but now they too have legal troubles, as the site has now been slapped with a debilitating ruling in the Netherlands. Within the next three months, the site has to remove all links to infringing torrents, after which it'll be fined 1,000 Euros for each one. This means that Mininova will either become the world's largest provider of public domain music, or basically go offline. We're guessing the latter. [Torrent Freak]

Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine Back from the Dead?
Electronic Gaming Monthly once stood proud as one of the premier gaming magazines in the world, but a few months ago, the economic turmoil forced the magazine to shut down, to the dismay of many gamers. However, the new owner had this to say on Twitter today: "Plans put in motion today for EGM to return on December 1..." While he stops short of an official announcement or any specific details, it appears Electronic Gaming Monthly will in fact come back from the dead in some form. [Twitter]

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