7 Luxury Lethermans for Refined Smithies

August 4, 2008


The Letherman multitool is requisite belt-ware for many mister fix-its, myself included.  And for its 75th anniversary they've blinged out their iconic folding tool.  It's particularly savvy for blister pack infiltration and wielding impressively as you tighten a loose screw on a key rack.  You can also (depending on the model) add belt holes as you swell with masculine pride and chicken wings from the day of your purchase on.

The new anniversary collection comes in 7 flavors.  At the top of the list is the out-of-reach, $40,000 Charge Dorado which is described as "salmon-sized" and is encased with 18K gold handles.  The designs fall gradually in price and grandeur from there, and for my money the best bet is the Squirt Firulette.  It's the most grande of the smaller models, and check out the companies description:

In Argentina, the firulete refers to the precise, enchanting turns of the tango, or the futbol player darting between defenders. These fiery moves are reflected in the twirling 18K gold ornamentation on the sterling silver handles.

In my experience, the further south you go, the further south salsa and soccer will get you with fiery foreign ladies.  A gilded pocket knife certainly couldn't hurt your cause, either.  Arriba. Via Born Rich.