Airkick Human Catapult Gets You High

August 29, 2008

"AirKick® is a sport and adventure device that will send you flying and get you wet." OMFG.  So is your mom!

Human catapults have not always been perfect.  Witness thisThe Airkick appears to be a little more calculated though.  It fires you at a "pre-calculated parabolic trajectory."

Why?  Advertising!  Jochen Schweizer is a firm that operates under the assumption that advertising which isn't upside down, on fire, and naked is no longer effective. 

They actually suggest to prospective swimsuit designers that a good way to unveil a new line is to fire it, on a human, through the air. While I admit that is a good way to unveil your awesomness, I believe that might be the extent of it.