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The 20 Dumbest Band Names of All Time

by dsussman   November 18, 2008 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 8,801


10. Nickelback


Chad Kroeger is such a genius that he decided to let his stupid half-brother use his days as a coffee shop worker as the inspiration for their band name. Apparently, the band got their name from the nickel in change Mike Kroeger gave customers during his days making Venti-sized bulls**ts at Starbucks. "Here's your nickel back." Pure genius.


9. 311


I don’t know if you know this, but if you get charged for indecent exposure in a skinny-dipping incident by the Omaha Police Department, the code that will appear on the citation will be "3.11."  That would be the perfect name for my alternative reggae-rock band, but I think it’s already taken.


8. Anal C**t


The thing that saddens me about this group is that they have some of the most awesome song titles ever and for unknown reasons decided to pick a stupid name praising the anus and vulva:

"You Have Goals"

"You Own a Store"

"Living Colour Is My Favorite Black Metal Band"

"Easy E Got AIDS from Freddie Mercury"

"The Internet Is Gay"

"You Look Adopted"

"311 Sucks"

7. Helloween


It really doesn’t get much cheesier than this. You gotta love German power metal groups trying to seem more evil by combining hell and Halloween into one demonic entity.


6. Razed in Black


Just the idea of listening to goth techno music makes me wanna vomit. Not only does RIB mastermind Romell Regulacion create some of the worst music on planet earth, he somehow concocted a band name that would instantly set young goth chicks off on an endless spree of self-mutilation and constant clove cigarette smoking.