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The 20 Dumbest Band Names of All Time

by dsussman   November 18, 2008 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 10,462

The name of a band is usually the first introduction one gets to a group of new musicians trying to make it big in the biz. So it’s pretty mind-blowing when artists have a collective brain fart and decide on a band name that is just plain idiotic. You would think these so-called "brilliant" artists would be a little more creative when it came down to their lasting legacy in music’s pantheon of greatness.


20. Stryper



Salvation Through Redemption, Yielding Peace, Encouragement, and Righteousness.

I am aware that the name Stryper derives from the King James Version of Isaiah 53:5:, but most people probably don’t know this. At first glance, most music listeners out there probably think that these Christian hair metal ass clowns are really into bumblebee spandex, the big man upstairs and a whole lotta Aqua Net. Either way, the name blows.

Then again, pretty much anything associated with Christian hair metal has to be bad.

19. BuckCherry


If there was a definition of a Los Angeles douchebag in the dictionary it would have a picture of this band’s lead singer getting Buckcherry tattooed on his stomach. As if this band didn’t suck enough, they had to try to associate themselves with the immortal Chuck Berry and tarnish his name in the process. Chuck Berry has had more entertaining bowel movements than this band has cheesy barbwire tattoos.

18. Slint


I don’t really know where the origin of this band’s name comes from, but whenever I whisper "Slint" to myself I get so enraged that I want to take a giant dump on their MySpace page. Their progressive math rock ain't half bad; it’s just a shame that they have a band name that even Mother Teresa would despise.

17. Ugly Kid Joe


I understand that these guys were trying to poke fun at the glam rock band Pretty Boy Floyd, but only the early ‘90s could have allowed this band to produce music. I’m not saying this band was bad, I’m just sayin’ that the combination of their Generation Y Ugly Kid Joe character and the somewhat annoying pre-grunge rock track “Everything About You” turned UKJ into a straight up novelty act. Sorry, fellas.

16. Vanilla Fudge


How in the f**k can a psychedelic rock and roll band name themselves after a soft candy made of sugar, butter and milk? This is why getting really stoned and trying to come up with a band name is really bad idea. I made that mistake once and ended up calling my band Bean and Cheese Burrito.

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