Samurai vs Knight

August 25, 2010

SAMURAI --- Katana, Naginata, Yumi Bow&Arrow, Kanabo.

KNIGHT --- Broadsword, Halberd, Crossbow, Morningstar.

EDGE --- Katana for more slashing lethality. Halberd for ax, spear, and hook. Yumi for faster reload time. Morningstar for spike lethality.

A Samurai is walking into a forest where he sees a Knight on a horse. He notices that the Knight hasn't noticed him yet, so the Samurai hides behind a tree and shoots two arrows. Both hit the Knight in the chest. The armor, however, protected him. The Knight shoots back with an arrow from his crossbow. The arrow hits the Samurai in the chest, also.

The Knight runs up to the Samurai and hits him in the chest. It throws the Samurai off but the the katana was brought out and broke the chain, sending the spike ball to to the ground. Swinging the katana again, the Samurai, slices the horses hind left leg off. The horse falls down, dropping the Knight.

The Samurai runs to the Knight, hitting him with the kanabo. It hits the Knight's arm, injuring it. With the other hand, The Knight brings down his broadsword and cuts the club in half. The Samurai brings out his naginata, crossing blades with the sword. The Samurai tries to block with the non-bladed part of the naginata but is broken.

The katana is brought out again and was able to disarm the Knight. The Knight, even though he has an injured arm, brings up his halberd. It slashes the left leg of the Samurai. He screams in pain. He hops away but falls down, loosing blood. The Knight runs up to him, wielding the halberd. It comes up and hooks the Samurai's chest armor. Before he spears him in the heart, the katana slashes it in half. Now the Knight brings up his broadsword again and kills the Samurai. The victorious Knight walks away, his arm still in tremendous pain.

KNIGHT --- 543.

Broadsword --- 140.

Halberd --- 182.

Crossbow --- 101.

Morningstar --- 120.

SAMURAI --- 457.

Katana --- 124.

Naginata --- 160.

Yumi --- 85.

Kanabo --- 88.