Posting Pictures of your Penis Online Replaces "Occasional Defense" as Hot New NBA Trend

February 12, 2010

Just weeks after Greg Oden terrified local villagers by posting pictures of what one female reporter proudly called “his impressively large penis,” another NBA player has decided to follow in the Sophomore center’s size 22 footsteps and use the internet as a springboard to a career in either cheerleader-themed pornography or writing "sorry you saw my dong" greeting cards for Hallmark.

George Hill, the San Antonio Spurs 2008 first round draft pick and young soldier in the team’s highly publicized “War on Fun,” recently apologized for appearing online in his birthday suit – giving the NBA that two month genital apology streak that they’ve been looking for since the early 1990s.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I was a lot more impressed back in the Wilt Chamberlin days when star players were nailing thousands of star-seeking women, as opposed to the new millennium where MVP candidates get accused of rape and promising young players have become digital exhibitionists.

Kids today… no sense of what it means to be a spoiled athlete.

Source: Photographer's Choice/Getty Images