The Weekly Hump: Tears Are a Sexual Turn-Off

February 9, 2011

Every hump day we’ll bring you a new fornication fact. This week find out why a woman’s tears physiologically dampen a man’s sex drive.

A sobbing woman with tears streaming down their eyes, blotchy nose, and running make-up is undoubtedly a major turn off. Now a new Israeli study has found that a woman’s actual tears cause a man’s sex drive to fall. The results of the study show that a female’s tears temporarily lower a man’s testosterone levels. If the male is close enough to smell the tears, the study found that his levels of testosterone dropped even further.

Lead author of the study Noam Sobel, a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science and Wolfson Hospital in Tel Aviv, said in a statement, “This study reinforces the idea that human chemical signals -- even ones we're not conscious of -- affect the behavior of others.” Sobel and his team discovered a previously unknown chemical in tears, a type of pheromone they called a “chemo-signal,” that prompted the physiological response in men.

The research, which was published in Science Express, will help in the creation of treatments for prostate and other cancers that are linked to elevated testosterone levels.

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Photo: David Sacks/Stone/Getty Images