Segmented Wheel Concept Provides Ultimate Traction

March 12, 2009

When designer Charles Pyott took on the task of creating the ultimate tire for traction, he looked at motorcycles, the human foot, and concept cars like the Mercedes F400 Carving. The result, however, is something wholly new: the Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System, or DAWS.image

Instead of making a wheel that adjusts its angle, Pyott created a wheel which is split into eight segments so that it can slide laterally on a special hub and bearing. That means the wheels can have an effective camber change without altering their angle relative to the car, and you keep the vehicle's entire footprint in contact with the ground.


But you probably shouldn't expect to see this in action any time soon, especially considering the fact that this flies against the "low resistence, high MPG" mantra that's so hot in the automotive world these days.

Source: Yanko