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Political Tech Battle: Obama vs Romney

by Kevin Marshall   September 14, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 1,041
Political Tech Battle: Obama vs Romney

One of the differences between Presidential incumbent Barack Obama and his GOP challenger Mitt Romney is how each employs the use of tech and new media in their respective campaigns. Obama's campaign has readily embraced tech and social media while Romney's has either stumbled in attempts to capitalize or outright ignored certain aspects of it.

Political Tech Battle: Obama vs Romney Tech Obama

Part of the reason for that is because they're trying to appeal to two very different groups: Obama to a younger demographic that uses tech but is less likely to vote and needs to be mobilized, and Romney to an older demographic that doesn't have much use for newer gadgets and is more likely to not only vote but vote for him. To accentuate this point, last May a poll by NBC News/Marist</a> revealed that cell phone users were far more likely to vote for Obama while landline users were solidly behind Romney.

Political Tech Battle: Obama vs Romney Mitt Tech

Still, we here at All Access Weekly thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two candidates when it comes to tech, social media, and adaptation of new advancements in communications on the campaign trail.



  Statistically shown to appeal to people who use cell phones as their primary line.
  Statistically proven to appeal to people that can't figure out how to get their handset off speaker.
  In 2009, was allowed by the secret service to retain his
 Blackberry for personal use and admitted he was a "Crackberry addict."

  Is careful not to bring up what he thinks must be a very painful and traumatic period in Obama's life.
  The "Obama for America" Tumblr employs humor and sarcasm, and even playfully reblogs other Tumblrs like VH1.

  Left a note on the press bus telling reporters he had erased their hard drives as a prank.
  Occasionally uses his phone to post tweets he writes himself, which he designates by signing them "-BO"

  Heard that Obama was saying he has Body Odor on the internet and is said to be very, very upset about it.
  In 2008 - #YesWeCan.   In 2012 - #Forward2012  Heard Meghan McCain talk about Twitter at a fundraiser for her father in 2008. 2012:
#HeyThereGuysItsMittIJustWantYouToKnowIBought ASponsoredHashTagAndThisIsItSoBeSureToUseItIn
  Did a Reddit AMA.
  Can't let go of the fact that AMC shows original series instead of classic movies.
  Sang a song by Reverend Al Green  
 Sang  "Who Let the Dogs Out?"  

Winner: Barack Obama

Even though Romney may be more tech savvy than most would think, the big man Barack Obama wins the battle 5-2. Now the real battle can begin. Let's get political, people!

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Source: Marc Serota/Stringer/Getty Images