USB Hub Monster Terrorizes, Charges Devices

October 20, 2008

This DIY project is totally doable before your first (next?) Halloween party this year.  You need a 7-port D-Link USB hub, 7 1-foot USB extension cables, 10 feet of 9-gauge armature wire, two LEDs, some terrifying black fabric/styrofoam (or whatever you want your beast to be covered with), and part of an egg carton for the head. Click for more pics and details. 

The cliffnotes version is that you make the skeleton of the beast with the armature wire and then tape the body (USB hub) and legs (1-foot cables) to the skeleton.  If you’ve cast aside your masculine pride and need to read the instructions, go ahead. Though, most people don't know how to attach LEDs to a severed USB cable.