Mimmo and Dino's Crew

by MariShapiro   June 09, 2010 at 4:17PM  |  Views: 450

Meet the crew.




Mimmo runs the smallest and most slapdash of our scrap crews – just him and his pal Dino, and one battered van.  Mimmo is the leader – he owns the van, and he’s the marginally more responsible of the duo.  He and Dino are best pals, even though Mimmo can be counted on to blow his stack at Dino at least a few times on every job.  At work, he and Dino are a classic slapstick Laurel and Hardy team, with Mimmo definitely the leader – and the worrier.



In a business populated by people who live off the grid, Dino is the most carefree and unattached of all our scrappers.  Dino is a true original – a scrapper who takes everything as it comes, never lets anything get him down, and never met a stray dog he didn’t like.  In fact, Dino will stop working to say hello to - and roll around with - every dog that passes by, much to Mimmo’s annoyance. 

Tall and gangly, Dino’s a natural comedian and a kind of Zen Master of Scrap. He's constantly dispensing “Dino-isms,” like, “If it don’t makes dollars, it don’t make sense,” “You put a stick in the ground every day, in a year you have a fence,” and “the future belongs to the guy who gets there first.”


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