The Masters of the Universe are Relevant Again

September 23, 2009

It was only a few weeks ago that Warner Bros. said "so long" to its ownership of the He-Man character. But another studio is more than happy to snap up the rights and put He-Man back into development as a feature.

Columbia Pictures has declared that, by the power of Grayskull, it has the power:

After months of deal-wrangling, Warners picked up Universe in 2007, hiring several writers and earlier this year set John Stevenson to direct. The two companies eventually began seeing two opposing visions for the movie and when the option came up, both sides decided to let it lapse. Stevenson is no longer attached and the project would be built from the ground-up.

As long as Dolph Lundgren doesn't get the role I think we've got something with potential here.

The problem with developing this movie idea has been the same problem the live action movie from 1987, Masters of the Universe (starring Dolph Lundgren) had. Even as a cartoon the show was wacky. As a film with real people playing the parts it's just downright silly.

But maybe this will become the next Transformers. Then again...would that be a good thing?

Source: Mattel