Commuting is Killing Your Girlfriend. Literally.

August 24, 2011

Ahhh, commuting. Where we have the choice of sitting in a car as traffic inches ahead, or crammed into a subway car that inches ahead. It's dull, it's frustrating, and, if you've got two X chromosomes, it's killing you slowly.

Yep, apparently women are affected by the stress of commuting much more than men. What's weird is that men are almost entirely unaffected, even though they spend more time commuting than women. Sorry, ladies.

So why is your girlfriend inching closer to grey hair and a nasty tumor every workday? Because you're lazy, that's why. Researchers found that women often add errands into their daily commute: they pick up dry cleaning, they go food shopping, they rescue their kids from school, while guys generally just focus on going to work. In fact, young children really amp the stress factor: women with pre-school aged children experienced four times the stress men with similar children did.

Stress isn't some touchy-feely thing either: it was recently found that adrenaline, your usual reaction to stress, damages your DNA over time.

The theory is that doing these errands, combined with the time lost doing them, put much more stress on women since they're worrying about a dozen things instead of just one thing. The solution, of course, is to divide the workload equally among you. Pick up the dry cleaning, do the food shopping, take on some of the stress. Besides, it'll earn you points with your lady, and that's always a good thing.

Photo: narvikk/Vetta/Getty Images