Roy Nelson Wants Kimbo Back in The Fight

November 20, 2009

I finished watching this week's episode. I'm trying to figure out when they are going to play the semi finals (ed. Note: The semifinals will air December 2 at a special time of 9 pm ET/7c). I just want to watch myself talk and be on TV more because I'm tired of watching Matt and his hurting head. I really can't wait to see if Kimbo take Matt's spot so we can get more of Kimbo because I'm tired of carrying the show all on my shoulders. For all the haters out there this is a JOKE; just something I said or did to provoke laughter. Hit the jump to start my actual blog.
Now after my quick wit anecdote we have Rampage's team talking about Matt and how Kimbo is the next guy to fight. Scott (my good friend) thinks he deserves it more than Kimbo because Scott actually did something in his fight, like rattle Matt's brain. In the training session, you have Rampage questioning Kimbo's heart to see badly he wants to fight James.
Then we have Brendan training to fight John for their quarterfinal matchup. I remember Brendan and the rest of the guys commenting on how John had outstanding wrestling but was only a one-dimensional fighter. They commented that he couldn't shoot on his opponent if they changed their stance to southpaw. Therefore, it made it very interesting to watch Matt and John when they were sparing because John didn't know what to do to Matt because of his fight stance. On that note you have James calling his best friend Rashad to the cage to coach Brendan on some wrestling which was such a no-no, and you see me come in to keep everyone honest.
Next we have the coaches’ challenge, which we were just happy to be out of the house and have somebody else cook for us. Rampage’s team wanted to try to win the money since they haven't won anything. Our team knew that we were going to come back and win after we lost the first game of volleyball. Rashad had to make it look closer then what it was. Rampage was so mad that he lost, and when he was confronted about him paying his team the $1500 for him losing. Rampage asked his team wouldn't they rather see him beat up Rashad, which was funny since they came to win the show to get paid not to watch Rampage fight.
I have to mention the "I'm a FN fighter" speech from Dana, which was way tamed down, but he gets to call Matt a pussy.
Fight time, we have Brendan fighting John, which I was surprised how John got to Brendan's leg and lifted him higher then the cage, and took him down. Brendan is a stud but John was relentless with his takedowns to win the first round. The second round you can see John getting tired with all the shots he took in the first round. John begins with another shot, which was stopped by Brendan grabbing the fence, he does this a couple more times and that just sucked John's gas out. Brendan sees that John is gassed and jumps on him with the only two punches he needed to end the fight.
Next week we get see Kimbo and his bad knee and the rest of the quarterfinal fights and hopefully we get to see Matt get laid out by Marcus. Until next time…
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