Britney Spears Tries to Save the VMAs

September 8, 2008

Britney Spears returned to the MTV VMA stage after a disastrous performance at last year's show and redeemed herself by scooping up three shiny new Moonmen. Woo hoo.

Brit started the show backstage doin’ a little improv with Superbad’s Jonah Hill and then headed to the main stage to spit out some crappy intro lines for the award show.

UK funnyman Russell Brand hosted the event and fired off cracks about the Jonas Brothers' virginity promise rings, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's family and Madonna's alleged fling with baseball star Alex Rodriguez. How edgy.

Other performances, some which were staged on sets outside on the Paramount lot were thrown by T.I. featuring Rihanna, Paramore, and Pink. Kid Rock did a southern infused medley of "Sweet Home Alabama" and "All Summer Long" with the help of Lil Wayne.

Kanye West closed out the show with a solid performance of his brand new hip hop ballad "Love Lockdown."

This entire show was pretty crappy and uneventful. I remember when VMAs were actually fun and unpredictable. What the hell happened? I just can’t believe MTV threw all of their sellout eggs into the Britney Spears basket. So sad.

Here’s a list of the winners…

Video Of The Year: Britney Spears - "Piece Of Me"

Female Video: Britney Spears - "Piece Of Me"

Male Video: Chris Brown - "With You"

Rock Video: Linkin Park - "Shadow Of The Day"

Hip-Hop Video: Lil Wayne - "Lollipop"

Pop Video: Britney Spears - "Piece of Me"

Dancing In A Video: The Pussycat Dolls - "When I Grow Up"

New Artist: Tokio Hotel