Our First 123 Tweeps

October 14, 2009

Nambu, my favorite Twitter client, has now reached V1.9.2.1. It's still in Beta but it's stable and Growl notifications are now active. This makes me very happy because I'm now able to see what the people whom we're following are tweeting about in real time while I'm working on my computer. Some of you might think that this would be a little distracting but I love it. It's pretty cool to see what people are talking about and to chime in whenever I can. Yesterday @macgasm did a piece on an app I recommended and today @thewildthings RTd a review I shared of Spike Jonze's upcoming film, Where the Wild Things Are. How cool is that? Thanks again guys!


Speaking of sharing, short of posting many of the tweets I've enjoyed over the last few weeks with you, I though it would be fun to introduce you to the first 117 tweeps we're following, interacting with and learning from. Below you'll find a Twitter Mosaic courtesy of the folks at Sxoop Technologies. Clicking each person's face will take you to his or her profile. From there you can choose to follow her and introduce yourself by mentioning us, @atris, or you can lurk. It's up to you; but I hope you'll choose to follow.



Hope this finds you feeling healthy!