Vintage Air Jordans Made The Hunters’ Week In Episode Five

April 23, 2011
The Hunters dropped back into West Los Angeles this week on Auction Hunters, and things couldn't have started any worse. Traveling out to the storage facility, Ton and Allen expected to find five auctions, only to find just the one, and what a waste of a unit it was. Luckily for the guys they still had some shipping containers to dig through. The question remained: would they be able to salvage their day with a big score?


After picking up two shipping containers in Long Beach for $450, Ton and Allen had them dropped off to the warehouse. As they got to work they quickly found some busted radios and some faux vintage furniture. Things were starting to look grim, and then it all turned around.

Vintage Nike Sneakers
Sold For: $3,500

High-end sneakers are a growing industry, and for the Auction Hunters, the world of vintage sneakers is even more lucrative. After uncovering twenty-three pairs of Air Jordans from the ‘90s that once retailed at $140, Ton and Allen knew they were onto something. With the shoes in mint condition, the dynamic duo was eager to fetch a nice price. They headed off to the famed sneaker store, Flight Club, in Los Angeles ready to make their sale. After a tough negotiation, the guys came out on top…hi-top that is.

Harley-Davidson Parts
Sold For: $4,500

Much like the sneakers, the demand for vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts is high as they are equally rare and valuable, especially from the golden age of bikes, the ‘40s and ‘50s. With the goods that the guys found in the "man tools" unit, Ton and Allen were on their way to riding off into the sunset, but when they find out that they had a swing-arm frame that Harley from the first year it was produced, well, they were truly easy riders.

Earlier this week on our head-to-head Facebook competition we put the vintage Nikes up against the classic Ms. Pac Man arcade game the guys found. Our fans battled back and forth with their opinions on which was more valuable, but their decision was clear: the sneakers ran away with this week's title!

The Hunters went cheap in getting their finds this week, forking over a lean $950, but after selling off the refurbished Ms. Pac Man and the sneakers, not to mention the Harley parts, the guys were able to rake in a nice $9,300. Do the math, and this week's trip back to LA netted Ton and Allen an awesome $8,350.

Want to get a closer look at those sweet Air Jordans? Then check out "Labor of Love." Don't forget to check out all new episodes airing on Spike every Tuesday at 10PM/9c. As always, keep an eye on Facebook for the latest Auction Hunters news and updates, and remember each week you can head over to eBay and bid on items found by Ton and Allen for a good cause. New items are posted each Tuesday.