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Now You See Me (2013)
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The Top 10 Kids Movies with Liberal Agendas

by DannyGallagher   December 02, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 5,724

5. Battle for Terra


Source: Lionsgate

Usually, you don't see war as the subject of a children's movie. Here's why. This CGI-animated movie, originally tiled Terra, features the human race trying to take over another planet after Earth's resources are completely depleted. It not only throws the environmental message right in your face, but it tries to make mankind look like a warring race that fights first and asks questions later, which isn't necessarily true. Sometimes we bomb first.


4. Wall-E


Source: Pixar

In this "kids" movie, capitalism goes under the gun as the fictional "Buy n Large" corporation is blamed for the total destruction of the Earth and the "blubbering" of the human race as a tiny robot shows the power of individuality. And it's all from a movie that's being produced by...The Walt Disney Company, one of the biggest corporations in the history of the universe. You've got to love irony, unless irony is a concept created by Disney. Then it's just hilarious and also ironic.


3. Monsters Inc.


Source: Pixar

Here's a cute concept that masquerades as a kids movie all the way until the very end when the twist is revealed that "laugh power" is 10 times as powerful and potent as "scream power" in an attempt to implant the alternative energy seeds in young minds everywhere. Even the concept of planting seeds is in and of itself another sneaky way the movie tries to give kiddies a left turn.


2. All the Christmas Carol Movies


Source: United Artists

Charles Dickens' memorable story has been told more times than the man from Nantucket and the curious traveling salesman who doesn't like pants meeting the milking machine combined. Mean ol' Scrooge learns the error of his ways and that generosity, not wealth, is the true measure of a man in this world. Of course, if the story lasted a little longer, we would have seen Scrooge broke, lonely, and angrier than he was at the start of the story and the British economy falling harder than a game of Lead Jenga. But maybe Dickens had a page limit.

1. Ferngully: The Last Rainforest


Source: Kroyer Films

If Al Gore is ever attempting to turn An Inconvenient Truth into an animated movie, he should stop now because 20th Century Fox beat him to it by 17 years. While other movies try to hide the message in subliminal implants like a Tyler Durden cigarette burn edit job, it literally throws it in your face every chance it gets and implores you to save the rainforest before it's too late. It fails, of course, because any place that houses an obnoxious creature with Robin Williams' voice should count itself lucky every day it has not met the business end of a nuclear warhead.

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