The Top 15 Craziest Products from Japan

by bradiger   January 14, 2010 at 2:00AM  |  Views: 24,708


5. Diet Water


Diet. WATER. It's got all the taste you've come to expect from regular water, but with "Diet" written on the bottle! [Diet Blog]


4. Dancing Hippo Backpack

We're not entirely sure what they're selling, but we'll take five.


3. The Interesting Gorilla Keychain

This one's sure to be a hit with the kids.


2. Self-Contained Dog Poop Solution

Seeking a solution for the need to clean up after man's best friend, these visionaries created a system which is so obvious, we don't know why someone didn't think of it sooner. What better way to keep crap off the sidewalk and Fido happy then to tape a bag to his ass and then force him to walk around with a backpack full of his own poop?


1. Angels Knee Peeing Pillow


Source: Absolutely Fabulous

Fellas - splashback gotcha down?! Well, Kaiteki Raifu Kenkyusho's got just the thing for you. Not to worry though, your dignity vanished the moment you understood how these things worked.