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The Top Five Most Outrageous VMA Moments

by spike.com   September 13, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 1,176

2. Britney, Christina, and Madonna Share a Makeout


Source: Scott Gries/Getty Images

MTV celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Video Music Awards with a sensual kiss between an elderly fake British woman and two pop princesses in front of millions confused, yet aroused, viewers. The artistic lip lock involved Madonna popping out of a wedding cake sporting a Moulin Rouge/Mr. Belding-inspired tuxedo, while Spears and Aguilera donned wedding gowns with less fabric than traditional veils. Seriously...that's not a weird dream or acid flashback. This actually happened on national television.

1. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Kiss

In 1994, the VMAs somehow convinced a newly married Michael Jackson and his blushing bride Lisa Marie Presley to appear on the show and make out. The subsequent kiss quickly became one of the strangest moments of PDA in the history of television.

The whole incident reeked of a publicity stunt. Michael Jackson was fresh from dealing with career-damaging allegations of child sexual abuse and his marriage to Elvis Presley’s daughter was viewed as a sham to improve his public image. The couple’s appearance of the VMAs didn’t exactly help. The two strolled onstage, hand-in-hand and looking uncomfortable. Jackson softly told the audience, "And just think, nobody thought this would last" and then the two locked lips.

As expected, the marriage didn’t last, with the two divorcing just two years later. They remained friends and after Jackson’s recent death, Presley maintained that the two had a normal, sexually active, loving marriage.

What are your favorite crazy VMA moments?