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The Top Five Most Outrageous VMA Moments

by spike.com   September 13, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 1,191

With the 2009 MTV VMAs airing tonight, we though we would reminisce a bit by traveling back to the craziest moments the classic award show has to offer. From boobs being grabbed to bass guitars cracking faces, here are the five most outrageous VMA moments.

Source: Scott Gries/Getty Images

5. Diana Ross Goes for Lil' Kim's Grab Bag


Source: David Drapkin/Getty Images

Sometimes the clothes really do make the man -- or woman, as the case may be. Back in the easy, breezy days of 1999, before Janet Jackson ruined the fun for everyone, Lil' Kim and Diana Ross were set to present at the VMAs, when it became apparent that Lil' Kim was revealing more than her revealing outfit was intended to. Her left breast made an unexpected appearance (covered by a pastie) and, being a good host, Diana Ross promptly grabbed a handful and welcomed the breast to the party. Suffice it to say Lil' Kim was a real handful that night.

4. Courtney Love Crashes Madonna's Interview

This video may be a little long for more impatient viewers, but it’s totally worth being patient for. First off, this took place at a time when Courtney Love really came into her own as an unpredictable star who just didn’t give a f***. The fact that she starts throwing random objects at Madonna during an interview with Kurt Loder makes us kinda happy inside. After intruding on Madonna’s time, Courtney then proceeds to roll around on the ground like a village drunkard and doing things that would make a porn star gag. It’s pretty rock 'n' roll and damn entertaining.

3. Krist Novoselic's Spectacular Bass Toss FAIL

At the pinnacle of the alternative rock explosion, Nirvana played the song “Lithium” to a raucous crowd at the 1992 Video Music Awards. Toward the end of the performance, bassist Krist Novoselic’s amplifier began to fail, and he decided to perform a “sensational bass toss” which instead ended in a sensational bass-catching FAIL. Novoselic managed to nail himself in the head with his guitar, knocking him flat on the ground, after which frontman Kurt Cobain (not being aware of Krist’s previous lack of coordination) kicked him in the ass for good measure. Now that's what rock 'n' roll is all about.