Zdeno Chara Reinforces Ugly Ogre Stereotype by Attempting to Decapitate Human-Sized NHL Player

March 9, 2011
Seven-foot hockey behemoth Zdeno Chara set the Slovakian giant movement back 10 years when he unleashed his enormous rage all over Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty.

The hit below, which left Pacioretty with a concussion and numerous face fractures, is currently being reviewed by the NHL for possible suspension.

Since breaking the ogre barrier in 1997, Chara has been regarded as a relatively clean player, so please refrain from throwing out derogatory Slovakian defensemen jokes. He has worked hard to control the raging beast within. Let’s wait to see what Gary Bettman says before running up to his tower with torches and pitchforks.

Click here to see the clip as well.