The Police Retire

by dsussman   August 08, 2008 at 3:08PM  |  Views: 55


Well, it's officially over. The reunited Police gave their final goodbye last night at New York's Madison Square Garden, ending a 151-show tour that will finish as the third highest-grossing of all time with $358,825,665 at the box office.

Sting, Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland began the evening with a cover of Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love." They also got a little help form the New York Police Department on their normal set-opener "Message in a Bottle."

There didn’t seem to be a lot of sentimentality at the show, with Sting at one point telling the crowd, "It's been a huge honor to get back with my good friends. The real triumph of this tour is that we haven't strangled each other -- that doesn't mean it hadn't crossed my mind." That cold tantric bastard! Anywayz...

Here’s some video of the band’s final moments on stage together. Tear…