Lindsay Lohan Gets Racy for Marc Ecko

August 4, 2010

Get ready to see much more of Lindsay Lohan. The troubled actress, fresh out of a stint in the big house but still stuck in rehab, has landed a new job that shows a lot of skin. The 24-year-old has just been announced as the face of Marc Ecko’s Cut & Sew fall collection.

Marc Ecko cast Lohan as his “digital Muse” and the face of his new collection because he is captivated by the actress. On why he chose Lohan (who, let's face it, probably wouldn’t be most people's first choice as muse), Ecko said, “I cast Lindsay because people are fascinated with her – they can either feel good or bad things, but they are feeling some type of emotion. She’s a pop culture icon.” That’s definitely true.



Source: Marc Ecko

The campaign shows Lindsay donning an array of strange outfits and looks. In one she appears as some sort of masked-ninja showing a lot of under-boob. Other pics show her waving a huge pair of scissors, seductively smoking a cigarette, and rolling around on a bed. The photo shoot was shot in May, before Lohan’s world really came crashing down and she was sentenced to 90 days jail and 90 days rehab for violating her parole.

What do you think of the shoot?

Source: TMZ