Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns

July 19, 2008

UFC Fight Night Live

Round One
The two come out and Burns surprises Johnson as the agressor. Both men trade kicks before Burns firea a big right hand and the two lock against the fence where they trade knees. They break and have a quick hand exchange before trading kicks. Burns fires a big right hand and the two lock again, continuing to trade knees. They break and Burns keeps pushing forward. Johnson hits an inadvertent hit to the inside leg and the Ref pauses the fight. Johnson gets Burns with a takeodwn slam, but Burns keeps him in guard and throws a lot of hits before the Ref stands them up.

Round Two
Both men come out with kicks and Johnson lands a big right hand and a few knees, knocking Burns back. Johnson shoots a flying knee, and Burns grabs it for the takedown but they lock against the fence. Johnson stalks Burns around the cage and lands another good knee before Burns fires a head kick. Johnson takes down Burns who looks for a kimura on Johnson's left arm but can't land it . Johnson stays on top and lands a big left before the Ref stands them up again. Johnson gets another takedown before the match ends.

Round Three
More kicks as the fighters come out, both looking fatigued. Burns lands a good uppercut but Johnson lands another takedown. Burns continues to do a great job at maintaining guard and defending against ground and pound. The Ref stands them up for a third time. Johnson gets another takedown again only to have the Ref stand them up again. Burns appears to land a strong uppercut, but the replay shows he inadvertently poked Johnson in the eye. The Ref stops the match and Kevin Burns is announced the winner. Anthony Johnson shows true class as he accepts Burns's apology for the eye poke and condemns the crowds booing.

The winner by TKO is Kevin Burns.

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