Mantenna - Monday, July 27

July 27, 2009

Miranda Kerr gets topless, Josh Brolin is now the bad guy in Wall Street 2, and Amy Winehouse's dad plans an album of his own...Get a whole day's worth of vitamins and minerals in the Mantenna!

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Tony Romo Bans Jessica Simpson from House

Tony Romo is going to great lengths to steer clear of Jessica Simpson, reportedly banning her from his Dallas home. According to US Weekly, "The Dallas Cowboys quarterback instructed security to keep Simpson out of his gated community. A sign at the entrance reads: "RED ALERT!!! TONY ROMO HAS MADE SOME CHANGES TO HIS LIST OF PEOPLE ALLOWED IN....JESSICA IS NO LONGER ON THE LIST AND NOT APPROVED FOR ACCESS." Yikes, that's tough! [Us Magazine]

Miranda Kerr Snapped Topless

Miranda Kerr spent the weekend in the Caribbean posing on the beach without a bra for the new Victoria's Secret catalog. Now Miranda commonly poses topless but always seems to maintain her modesty with a well placed hand, arm, or object. Not this time. In these sexy NSFW shots, Miranda has been photographed with the girls out, exposed for the world to see. And it's truly glorious. [WWTDD]

Josh Brolin’s the Bad Guy in Wall Street 2

Josh Brolin has been offered the part of top bad guy in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2. Hopefully he’s not taking it personally that Javier Bardem was offered the part first. Seeing as he and Stone have history – W. – there’s reason to believe Brolin will embrace the chance to work with the director again. Shia LaBeouf is going to take Charlie Sheen’s place as the young up-and-comer. And Michael Douglas is going to return as Gordon Gekko. Will his days in prison have reformed him? Unlikely. That’s a whole lot of bad guys for just one film. [Collider]

Warren Ellis and King Arthur

Comic book writer Warren Ellis is reportedly brewing up a King Arthur-related script for the 300 producers, which is titled Excalibur. Ellis says he’s “working directly with Gianni Nunnari, Oliver Kramer, and Craig Flores.” There aren’t any details out yet about what’s going to go down in this script, but we’ll probably hear more in the near future. For now, suffice it to say the project is in good hands. [First Showing]

Amy Winehouse's Dad Plans Album


Source: Danny Martindal/Getty Images

According to British tabloid The Sun, Amy Winehouse's father Mitch is reportedly launching his own singing career. The London taxi driver is planning to record an album of Frank Sinatra covers, as well as his own original songs. A source told the publication, "Mitch has been working on it for a while now. Amy always credits her dad with getting her into singing. He loves music. He has a good voice and wants a go at turning professional." [Contact Music]

iPhone Suicide Drama Deepens: Bribery?

The New York Times has more on the death of Sun Danyong, the Foxconn worker who apparently committed suicide after an iPhone prototype went missing. As compensation, his family has been paid about $44,000, and his girlfriend received an Apple laptop. Sun apparently was given not just one, but 16 prototype iPhones on July 9th or 10th to deliver to R&D, and he reported one missing three days later. He committed suicide early in the morning on July 16th, after allegedly suffering through brutal interrogations. 44K and a laptop? Yeah.. a human life is totally worth 46 grand. Stay classy, Foxxconn! [New York Times]

Disney Drops Serious Cash on Marketing Science

Disney is spending millions on a research facility in Austin to see just what, physiologically speaking, makes us look at certain types of ads over others. The facility is designed to figure out just what types of web ads we'll give our attention to. Do bumpers before videos work? What about those horrible ads that cover a whole website and force you to find the tiny X to close them? They're using eye tracking, heart monitors, skin temperature readings, and facial probes to measure expressions to see what works and what doesn't. Hey Disney, here's a tip -- intrusive ads are annoying. [New York Times]

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