Kim Kardashian Gets a New Face

November 11, 2009

Kim Kardashian had a drastic makeover for a new television show and literally got a new face. See it after the jump.

Kim Kardashian underwent a dramatic transformation, morphing into dowdy-looking librarian for a new television show Secret Celebrity. The show disguises famous people, making them unrecognizable and then films them interacting with fans.

Kardashian writes on her blog, “This was a real process. I needed to get a molding of my face so I could have a prosthetic nose, cheeks, and neck put on! I look like a completely different person!” Kardashian called herself “Cynthia” in honor of her cousin Cici.

Kim successfully tricked two fans on her episode of the show, which aired Tuesday night.

Do you like Kim’s new look? Would you have been fooled?


Source: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images