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SPIKE TV Announces Three New Shows

by dsussman   January 30, 2012 at 11:00AM  |  Views: 74,287
SPIKE TV Announces Three New Shows

Following the recent success of Ink Master, SPIKE has picked up three new original non-scripted series. In the official announcement earlier today, SPIKE confirmed the ordering of 10 episodes of Full Bounty, a reality competition series featuring 12 aspiring bounty hunters who risk life and limb to chase down actual fugitives; six episodes of Tattoo Nightmares, a show chronicling people's often-hilarious horror stories behind their awful tattoos and their attempt to have them fixed; and six episodes of Rat Bastards, a series following the adventures of a group of guys in Louisiana who hunt down a nasty invasive species of giant swamp rats that wreak havoc on the Mississippi wetlands. SPIKE has also ordered 13 new episodes of the popular series, World's Wildest Police Videos and announced plans to air a two-part special, Urban Jungle Man.

"These three new non-scripted shows share a theme of larger-than-life characters in extreme situations where the high stakes are real," said Sharon Levy, Executive Vice President, Original Series, Spike TV. "They are perfect complements to our upcoming launches of "Big Easy Justice," "American Digger" and "Diamond Divers," which have similar distinctive characters."

Premiere dates and times for all the new series will be announced shortly.

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