Steven Tyler Sues Blogging Impersonator

September 25, 2008

Steven Tyler, frontman of Aerosmith, has sued unknown bloggers who the singer said impersonated him on the Web, writing about the death of his mother and other "intimate details" from his life.

Tyler filed lawsuit saying he didn't know the real names of those who have impersonated him and girlfriend Erin Brady on the Web, but he believes the same group was responsible for similar postings in 2007. Steven also asked Google to remove the blogs, and the Internet company complied.

The latest batch of impersonator blogs, which show pictures of Tyler were posted at One posting had 31 entries for 2008, and another written by "Brady" had seven entries in recent months.

"The impersonated statements relating to (Tyler's) mother are perhaps most hurtful given that she recently passed away," the lawsuit stated.

Tyler's lawsuit accuses the bloggers of public disclosure of private facts, making false statements and misappropriation of likeness. It also seeks an injunction to have the defendants stop impersonating him online or elsewhere.

Yesterday, the blogs Tyler's lawsuit describes as being written by impostors were unavailable for public viewing. A statement on each of the blog pages said, "This blog is under review due to possible blogger terms of service violations."

Wow. Does this mean celebrities are gonna start to sue bloggers for all of the nasty things they say about them? If that’s the case, I guess I’m completely screwed. I really hope Disturbed isn’t too angry over my negative banter about their crappy music.