September 4, 2009


when I first heard about twilight, I didn't know anything about it. so they told me where the movie was about, a vampire in love with a human. I thought:  huhh?!?! and I didn't want to read it or see it. but on my vacation in france, my sister convinced me to see the movie. so I saw the movie, and it was such an amazing film, I had tears in my eyes. I wanted to read the book as fast as possible. when I've got back home, I went to the library, and I could finally read it. when I read the first pages I thought it is a good book but after 50 pages it went better and better, and when i past the 150 pages I fell in love with twilight and everything that came with it. Robert Pattinson was already nice in HP4, but in twilight, ohhh he was extremely hot and a very good actor! Kristen Stewart was very good in panic room, and in twilight you saw how she had become a great actress.

I like twilight so much because Stephanie Meyer knew how she could make people feel the love between Edward and Bella, a beautiful love And you really feel it when you read the book or see the movie. and that's maybe because Rob en Kris had done a very good job, but she invented it. respect for her and her dream about twilight.

love Stephanie, Robert, Kristen, Elizabeth, Kellan, Jackson, Ashley, Nikky, Peter, Catherine, taylor, cam and many others. 

xoxo Lynn