Marc Webb to Direct New Spider-Man Trilogy

January 19, 2010

There's been a lot of speculation about who is going to take over the Spider-Man reboot, but all that speculation has come to an abrupt end: it's official that Marc Webb, the guy who directed 500 Days of Summer, is going to direct three new Spider-Man movies.

The news comes to us from Vulture, which broke the story, and they've reported that Webb is going to make a cool $10 million from the first film with built-in bonuses once the movie makes it past specified box office numbers. Not a bad gig for a young director. It turns out that Webb is a much bigger bang for Sony's buck than Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire:

Webb’s other big appeal? He's much cheaper than the old Spider-Man crew. The deal just now being sewn up calls for Webb to be paid roughly $10 million for the first film, with substantial bonuses built in if the picture reaches certain box-office milestones. ...This is a big savings from how his predecessor Sam Raimi was compensated. Unlike the now-departed Raimi, Webb won’t be getting paid a percentage of the films' grosses. Compare that to Spider-Man 4, for which Raimi and star Tobey Maguire were expected to claim more than 25 percent of the gross.

The days of directors and stars asking for huge percentages of a film's gross might be coming to an end with the signing of Webb to direct this trilogy. Not that $10 million is anything to turn your nose up at. Even after taxes, agent and manager fees, and lawyer bills, Webb will still easily net at least $5 million. And that's just from the first film. Guy's got it made in the shade.

So who's going to get the nod to play Spider-Man? There's been talk of Michael Angarano, but no solid leads at this point. Maybe Sony should let Maguire pick his own replacement in honor of the service he's done to the franchise. Not likely, but I'm just putting it out there.

Do you think Webb has what it takes based on 500 Days of Summer, or has the success of that film gotten way out of hand? Is it overrated, or is Webb finally getting what he's earned?

Source: Charley Gallay/Getty Images