The Ten Best Car Design Elements Of All Time

October 28, 2008

Los Jalops have collected a list of design elements they find to be indispensable. While I completely agree with some of them (tailfins are a no-brainer) and wonder about others (the back an 80's Jag?), considering the subjective nature of design preference, it's no surprise that users sarcastically cried out, "where's my giant carbon fibre wing??" A compelling treatise none the less.


"Proving that decades of automotive history and design can be summarized and exemplified in a few small details, we, with the help of our readers, have isolated the ten best car design elements of all time. These are ten aesthetic features that represent eras, movements and philosophies in automotive design. Not only is each element iconic, but each invokes a pleasurable response from the viewer."

[Source: Jalopnik]