Microsoft Surface Used to Play D&D, Cool Factor Now in Question

December 17, 2009

Since its announcement in 2007, Surface, Microsoft's multi-touch and gesture-driven PC platform tablet thingy has basically existed in a state of existential crisis, wondering to itself what its purpose in the world is, and why it even exists at all. Thanks to a group of forward-thinking RPG geeks, those questions have finally been answered.

So, what would you do with one of the most expensive displays available to mankind? If you're one of the Carnegie Mellon students who helped develop the software demonstrated below, you use it to turn a simple pen-and-paper role playing game into a style-over-substance-driven version of Dungeons and Dragons.

While we can't deny that it does look pretty neat, we still wouldn't show this to any girls and expect it to work like an aphrodisiac.


Source: Koktau