Why You'll Have to Wait for the Next "Bourne"

April 13, 2009

Frank Marshall, the producer of the next Bourne film, has revealed that 2011 is when we can expect it to hit the theaters. We were previously told that it would arrive in 2010, but things have changed. This will be the first film in the franchise that isn't based on one of the Robert Ludlum novels, which is both exciting and worrisome.

Worrisome because the past three Bourne films were very solid, even if they didn't hew closely to their source material. Where the story is going to go after the perfectly cryptic ending to Ultimatum is anyone's guess, but Marshall says that "It really take [sic] long to get these scripts right!"

Well then, I guess that explains everything. George Nolfi is penning the script, which is good since he's got some experience with the world of Jason Bourne. He also wrote The Bourne Ultimatum, and Ocean's Twelve to boot. Marshall predicted that Nolfi would have a draft by June of this year, and that much of the story could go down in South America.

Paul Greengrass will direct again, as he did with the last two Bourne films.

Source: Gilbert Garrigue/Getty Images