Mickey Rourke Tattoos Stallone in The Expendables

July 28, 2009

Sly Stallone's production of The Expendables has been pretty quiet as of late. What's the haps, Sly? Well, here's an image from the first film and in it we get a look at Mickey Rourke as Tool. Is it just me, or does Tool look a lot like Whiplash? Check out the full photo after the jump.

Tool is, according to Empire, a part-time tattoist and full-time arms dealer. That seems like a role that should fit Rourke perfectly. There's not much more info about what is transpiring in this scene, but it's highly likely that Stallone is getting a tattoo of a gun that's lifting weights. We'll have to wait for the release of the film to verify that.


Does this mean that we can expect a trailer sometimes soon? Come on, Stallone, you can't keep us waiting forever -- especially now that you've given us a glimpse of Rourke. We need footage, stat.

Source: Lionsgate