Ten Superhuman powers that would awesome to have

March 10, 2010

It would be better with these skills



Ever seen a story about someone with a superhuman skill that looked helpful in real life? Well, I listed some that I not only would be great to have but takes a lot of bravery to show them. I had to look all over the media to have superhuman powers that hopefully one day, the human race can finally obtain. Yeah, I know I’m missing a few like superhuman strength and mind control, but that’s because it can possible to obtain with modern methods. These are the ones that are going to be more, not to mention some balls, obtain, even if it means transformation from an avenge human.


 Controlling the TV set


1. Technopathy – ability to control technology with your mind.

 How many times do you have when you have issues with your computer? Ever want to teach whatever is messing with it a lesson? Having this ability will help out, because you have use mind-control on it. Take out a virus, track down that hacker, and even beat that nerd in your favorite online game. With this ability, you can be your own computer technician without breaking the bank, saving your money to buy what you want.

Bald Eagle

 2. Flight – The ability to fly without a plane.


To have to go somewhere but hate it at the airport? If you have this skill, screw the airports and take you own flight. However, what form of flight would? There’re many to choice: avian, wind-controlled, trick out the wind, whatever.

The Brain

3. Telepathy – The ability to read mind

Ever wondered about what are people saying about you? With telepathy, you can and get back at them for saying a wise-remark you. Remember what James Rolf talked about how sometimes the secret talk can sometimes backfire? Well, this would be a way to make sure the person you’re with is what she or he is really thinking about.

H.G. Wells Invisible

4. Invisible - to be unseen by the naked eye

This would be handy for any ninja who are left with no choice but to get out of a fight, instead they have to create a smoke screen to distract their enemy to escape. However, modern day ninjas would find this ability useful. How often do you want to sneak up on somebody without them seeing you? Giving this ability would be so helpful for stealthy that even the military world-wide are going into it, even America.


5. Control of the classical element - the ability to control of the elements


Remember the show Avatar, not the James Cameron film of the same name, but the Nickelodeon cartoon show. A live-action version called the Last Air Bender is planned to be released in the summer of 2010. Well, the show had groups of people who can control the four classic elements of the zodiac: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. However, would that be awesome to create your own fire ball, breathe underwear, take to the air, or create a mini-quake to survive? A military base would love to have a soldier who put a whole new meaning to firearm, shockwave blast, have their own oxygen supply, and put out the flame with their bare hands.


6. Invulnerability - the immunity to pain





When I saw clips from a Super Boy (younger version Clark Kent aka Super Man), there was something he has that come in handle when it corporal punishment is ordered. Because he has invulnerability, Clark Kent didn’t have to deal with the pain of being subjected to corporal punishment. In fact, it’s the reactions of those dishing it out were funny because they use anything except kryptonite and nothing happen, except the device being broken upon the strike. Image that, you in a fight when your opponent notices you’re still intact.


7. Regeneration - having a cropped of body part regrow

Okay, so the human liver can pull this off, hence why a part of a liver can be given away. Of course, this is in case something cost you an arm or a leg, literally. Now, you can have it reattach, but there’s a chance, although small, it’ll have to be amputated anyways. Would it be useful that an amputated limb and be regrown? Well, science is working on a way to make that happen. If amphibians and planarians have this down to a science, what can’t humans. If the liver could do it, would it be neat that an arm or a leg can do it too.

Lie Detector

8. Psychometry - the ability to gain info about a person or item, even on the first contact

Would you like to know everything about a person or item when you first lay your eyes on it? Well, this would be helpful when you demand to know if someone is telling the truth about their past. This ability would allow you to become your own lie detector. This can work for those who what to know they’ll the first to be with another, or the past dates the other had. Cops would love to have this when tracking their wanted criminal in an issue.

Force Field

9. Force Field – a barrier shield from that deflect most attack.



Headless Knight

10. Cephalophore – survival after losing a head, literally