Allen Iverson is Also the Bad Boy of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings and East Coast Casinos

March 8, 2010

In perhaps the single least shocking NBA story since the “Jeff Hornacek does his own taxes” scandal in Utah, multiple sources are claiming that former NBA MVP Allen Iverson has major problems with both gambling and alcohol (and apparently telling the wrong people about his problems with gambling and alcohol).

Stephen A. Smith (the really loud guy on ESPN who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of an “inside voice”) is reporting that not only is Iverson “drinking himself into oblivion” but is also banished from several casinos in New Jersey and Michigan for unpaid debts.

Currently, Iverson is an NBA refugee after the Philadelphia 76ers cut him for attending a Jermaine Dupri-hosted party in North Carolina instead of playing basketball or tending to his sick daughter.

It’s unclear how this saga is going to end, but at this point the casinos that no longer allow Iverson to enter the building list “not well” as a 17-point favorite.

Photo: Arnold Turner/Wireimage/Getty Images