Japanese Foot Soldier vs Egyptian Warrior

February 9, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What happens when the fodder of the Samurai era takes on the face of the Egyptian empire? Read on to see who...is...deadliest!?


Japanese Foot Soldier

Short Range: Tachi Sword

Medium Range: Naginata

Long Range: Yumi

Special: Kunabo


Egyptian Warrior

Short Range: Koplesh Sickle-Sword

Medium Range: Egyptian Spear

Long Range: Egyptian Shortbow

Special: Mace Axe


Who Got the Edge

Tachi vs Koplesh: The Tachi gets the edge. It's length allows it to get hits before the Koplesh, and it's ability to slash & stab gives it more versitility in combat than the pure slashing ability of the Koplesh.


Naginata vs Egyptian Spear: Both weapons get the edge. Their length is about the same, so they will land hits at around the same time.


Yumi vs Egyptian Shortbow: The Yumi gets the edge. This bow has a much greater range than that of the Egyptian Shortbow, and the accuracy of the Yumi is frightening.


Kunabo vs Mace Axe: The Kunabo gets the edge. The length of the club, coupled with it's iron studs, allows it to crush a person's body, long before the Egyptian can get close to either smash or hack someone with the Mace Axe.



Yohei had been in a hundred battles, but nothing could have prepared him for his next encounter.


After being sent away to deliver a message to his lord, he arrived back onto the battlefield, and found that everybody, including the enemy, had died in glorious combat. Bodies were strewn all over the place, many of which were piled on top of each other. Some were riddles with arrows, some were gutted open, and a few corpses didn't have heads. It was a sight that Yohei never wanted to see again.


Just as he was about to kill himself, Yohei thought he heard the sound of footsteps. Hiding behind a pile of bodies, he saw who was walking about the battlefield. This person was much larger than Yohei was, and appeared to be more built for combat that he was. His skin was darker than Yohei's, and was dressed in a kind of cloth armor that he'd never seen before. This newcomer was searching the bodies for something, and Yohei wouldn't stand for this sacrilege.


Yohei noticed a Yumi right next to him, along with a quiver of arrows. He picked up the bow, took an arrow, and knocked it. He aimed right for the warrior's head, and fired. Amazingly, the warrior heard the arrow flying towards him, and ducked to the send. The arrow landed in a tree with a thud, and Yohei cursed his poor aim. Meanwhile, the bronzed warrior, and Yohei called him, took a small bow from his back, and knocked his own arrow. He fired it, and managed to hit Yohei right square in the shoulder.


Yohei, stunned by the arrow, dropped his Yumi to the ground, and attempted to pull it out. As this was going on, the bronzed warrior grasped a spear he had placed in the ground, and charged right for Yohei. Just as he was about to close the distance, Yohei successfully pulled the arrow out, the quickly grabbed a Naginata that was stuck in the ground. The bronzed warrior suddenly stopped, and was surprised by Yohei quickness.


The two warriors circled each other, looking for something to give them an edge. This went on for a minute, before the bronzed warrior suddenly started thrusted forward with his spear. Yohei blocked the attached, then sliced down on the spear shaft, breaking the weapon in half. The bronzed warrior threw the usless pieces to the side, then took a slice to the chest from Yohei. The pain sent the bronzed warrior running, and Yohei gave chase.


A moment later, Yohei finally caught up with the bronzed warrior. The bronzed warrior was on his knees, grasping for air, and clutching the chest would that he received earlier. Yohei slowly crept up on him, hoping that one blow from his Naginata would finish this fight. In a stunning turn of events, the bronzed warrior suddenly stood up, and grasped Yohei's Naginata. He kicked Yohei away from him, then tossed the weapon into the woods, where Yohei would have to look hard to find it. The bronzed warrior was grasping a weapon that Yohei had never seen before. It looked liked a cross between a club, and some kind of bladed weapon.


Looking around, Yohei couldn't seem to find anything that would defend against this kind of weapon, as he wanted to save his Tachi Sword for an appropriate time. He then spotted a Kunabo, still gripped in the hands of the fallen warrior that used it. Dodging attack after attack from the bronzed warrior, he finally managed to pick up the hefty weapon, and started swinging. The bronzed warrior could do nothing but jump backwards to avoid getting hit by the massive weapon. Determined to not be seen as a coward, the bronzed warrior started swinging back. His attacks were useless, as Yohei kept blocking.


Having enough of this, Yohei swung his Kunabo right at the bronzed warrior's club-like weapon, knocking it out of his hands, and sending it into the woods like his Naginata. The bronzed warrior simply shruged, and drew from his belt a wickedly curved sword. This was another weapon that Yohei had never seen before, but something was different about the fight the moment that the bronzed warrior drew this weapon. Wanting to meet blade with blade, Yohei dropped the Kunabo, and drew from his belt the Tachi Blade he had been carrying with him.


This was it. This was the last straw for both men. They each have delivered devastating attacks, and brought devastating weapons to the table. Now it had come down to this final moment.


The two warriors started circling each other one again. Yohei gripped his Tachi, and moved in the manner taught to him by his superiors. Then, without hesitation, he struck. The movements and attacks of Yohei didn't seemed to stun the bronzed warrior, but it did confuse him a little. The bronzed warrior countered, and swung his curved sword back and forth, hoping to catch Yohei's Tachi. This went on for minutes, until Yohei saw a opening. He went behind the bronzed warrior, slicing his back, then slicing behind his legs. The bronzed warrior howled in pain, dropping to his knees, and dropping his blade. A length of steel through the bronzed warrior's neck a moment later, and Yohei prevailed.


Japanese Foot Soldier: 592

Tachi Sword: 300

Naginata: 100

Yumi: 100

Kunabo: 92


Egyptian Warrior: 408

Koplesh Sickle-Sword: 200

Egyptian Spear: 100

Egyptian Shortbow: 100

Mace-Axe: 8


Ending Assessment: The foot soldier was better equipped, better trained, and better disciplined.


Strongest Weapon: With a head slicing 300 kills, the Tachi Sword is the strongest weapon of this fight.


Weakest Weapon: With a pathetic 8 kills, the Mace-Axe takes the weakest weapon spot.


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