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Cops O: Between a Bush and a Hard Place
Cops O: Running in Traffic
Cops O: A Man Without a Plan
Cops O: Love Bites
Cops O: Strange Encounters
Cops O: Too Many Cooks
Cops O: Step Away from the Cutlery
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The Top 10 Gadgets You'll Need to Survive the Summer

by bradiger   May 19, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 1,511

With Memorial Day right around the corner, you need to get your game summer-ready, and fast. These items will help to make sure you're equipped for whatever scenarios you might find yourself in and wherever the action may lead you.

Photo: Blaise Hayward/Lifesize/Getty Images


10. Ice Cube Shot Glasses

Photo: Amazon.com

With these ice cube shot glass molds, not only will you never have to worry about breaking a shot glass or being one short for the inevitable group shots, but you'll also be able to actually add some flavor to the shots by adding mixers to the would-be ice mold. For under 10 bucks, you can't really go wrong here. [Amazon]


9. Digital BBQ Tongs

Photo: Amazon.com

You went to the trouble of making an awesome marinade for that steak, but now you run the risk of improperly cooking it because when it's going to be ready is still anyone's guess.

For far too long, BBQ tongs have wallowed in archaic simplicity, offering nothing but the ability to flip a burger without horribly burning yourself. Well that's all changed now, as these Digital BBQ Tongs also contain a sensor which will tells you whether or not that tri-tip is ready for the plate or not. Hell, it even comes with a built-in LED flashlight in case you like to BBQ stealth-style, as many ninjas around the world do.


8. Stashable Sandals

Photo: Reef

So you want to hit the beach this summer, but you're sick of all your stuff getting stolen every time you go in the water? Stash the goods in these Reef Stash Sandals, which come with a secret hidden compartment in the heel, providing enough room for some cash and your car keys. And since nobody wants to get near your stanky feet, you can guarantee these'll be right where you left 'em when you come back.


7. A Solar-Powered Backpack

Photo: Reware

Outfitted with a built-in solar panel, these bags do more than tote your gear, they'll actually charge 'em as well. Let the sun keep your phone, GPS, digital camera, or any other device that hooks up to a car adapter powered up while you're in the great outdoors,  so you can spend more time making sure you don't get mauled by a mountain lion. [Reware Products]


6. A Waterproof iPod Boombox

Photo: JCPenney

As anybody whose ever dropped a blackberry in the can will tell you, some things just naturally don't agree with one another. Like the beach and electronics! But your iPod can now brave the harsh elements of sand and water with total immunity thanks to this weather-resistant iPod ghetto blaster, which features external buttons to control playback. [JCPenney]



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