Final Destination 5 - Scares Its Way Into Theaters Today

by Mhofstatter   August 12, 2011 at 9:00AM  |  Views: 362
Summer just got a lot more bloody! The gore-tasitc Final Destination 5 hits theaters everywhere today in eye-popping 3D. Get ready because everyone's favorite horror franchise is back and it's got some deadly tricks up its sleeve.

In the second film of the savagely awesome series to be released in Real D 3D, a group of young co-workers end up sharing a bus ride to their corporate retreat, but when Sam (played by Nicholas D'Agosto) gets an eerie premonition of an impending bridge collapse, he quickly ushers everyone off the bus. The group narrowly misses a grizzly plunging death to the frigid waters below, and it's only then that they begin the ride to their final destination!

Directed by James Cameron's right-hand man, Steve Quale, the film brings back everyone's favorite creepster, 'Bludworth' played by screen legend, Tony Todd. Joining him this time around are the spirited D'Agosto (Fired Up), the always beautiful Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Emma Bell (Frozen), and talented actor/musician, Miles Fisher ("Mad Men" and "Gossip Girl). Lending a comedic hand amidst the Rube Goldberg like death scenes is the talented, David Koechner (Anchorman).

This is it. Summer's almost over, but that doesn't mean that it can't go out with a scream. Check out Final Destination 5 in theaters now. Your fate just may depend on it.


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