Ming Warrior vs. Pirate

August 27, 2010

Ming Warrior:


Short Range – Dao

Mid Range – Three-Barrel Pole Gun

Long Range – Nest of Bees

Explosive – Mechanical Landmine



Short Range – Cutlass and Boarding Axe

Mid Range – Blunderbuss

Long Range – Flintlock Pistol

Explosive – Grenado



Dao vs. Cutlass and Boarding Ax – Edge: Dao

Both both the Pirate and Ming Warrior and the Pirate are excellent close range fighters, but the Ming Warrior is just more skilled at close range than the Pirate is, despite the fact that the pirate has two weapons. Plus, the Dao can be used a little better defensively than the Cutlass/Boarding Ax Combo if necessary.

Three-Barrel Pole Gun vs. Blunderbuss – Edge: Three-Barrel Pole Gun

I have to admit that both of these weapons are extremely devastating, but the Blunderbuss has too much of a tendency to misfire than the Pole Gun, so it just isn’t as reliable (which odd considering that the Blunderbuss is more advanced than the Pole Gun). Plus, the Pole Gun can actually get a little more range than the Blunderbuss, so you can actually get kills from it earlier in the fight than you can with the Blunderbuss.

Nest of Bees vs. Flintlock Pistol – Edge: Flintlock Pistol

This one was kind of a hard one because of the fact that both of these weapons underperformed in their respective matchups, so it is really hard to hold them in high-regard. However, the Nest of Bees’ 32 arrows fire too randomly to be very reliable. The Flintlock Pistol, on the other hand, has a better chance of hitting what you want. Even though it won’t necessarily hit the exact spot you want, it has a better chance of hitting the target than the Nest of Bees.

Mechanical Landmine vs. Grenado – Edge: Grenado

Both of these weapons are just devastating. The very fact that both of these weapons can inflict multiple kills at once is just amazing in my mind. However, the fact that the Landmine has to be found and triggered by the enemy is a little weak compared to the Grenado which can actually be thrown. This gives the Grenado the Edge.

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The Pirate Captain and his boarding party (comprised of his three best plunderers and his trusted First Mate) land on the shore of an unknown land (China) to see what goods they can get their hands on. They are completely unfamilar with the land they have set shore on, but that isn’t important to them. “One place’s gold is a go as the next,” they would say. The Pirate Captain had a bad feeling though. He just had the feeling that they were soon in for a fight.

After about a half an hour later, the Boarding Party comes up on a clearing on the edge of the woods. There wasn’t much in the clearing; just some bushes, a few big rocks, and…a small cache of oddly shaped weapons? It was an intriguing sight, for sure. Who would have expected a weapons cache in the middle of some random clearing? This didn’t sit well with the Captain. He had had a feeling earlier that there was something just not right about this place, and this had proved his suspicions. He realized that this had to be some kind of trap, but that didn’t stop one of his men from wanting to take a closer look. As soon as the Captain realized what he was doing he shouted, “WAIT! DON’T! IT’S A TRAP!” His man called back, “Aw, what could happen?” The man approached the weapons and decided to pick up an elegant looking sword that he felt could fetch a good price. As soon as he picked up the sword, he could feel the ground being ripped out from under him for a mere second before he died and had his body thrown through the air.

Ming: 5   Pirate: 4

The Pirate and the rest of his boarding party watched in horror as he ground literally erupted underneath their comrade. A second later, five Ming Warriors appeared from the woods, two carrying Pole Guns and two carrying a Nest of Bees each. The Ming Captain drew his Dao and yelled, “Yahhh!” This prompted one of the Nest of Bees-wielding Mings to move ahead of the group. The Ming opened the end of the Nest and fired it at the Pirates. The barrage of arrows raced toward the Pirates, and Pirates raced toward the nearest rock for cover. One of the Pirates ends up getting hit with an arrow in his side. One of the Pole Gun-wielding Mings opened fire at the wounded Pirate and ended up hitting him in the head.

Ming: 5   Pirate: 3

The rest of the Pirates manage to take cover behind a large rock. As the Mings begin to encircle to large rock, the First Mate pulls out his Grenado and proceeds to light it. When the Ming Warriors get close enough the First Mate throws the Grenado at the feet of two of the Ming Warriors (a Pole Gun-wielding Ming and the second Nest of Bees-wielding Ming). Before they even have a chance to escape they are instantly shredded by the shrapnel from the Grenado’s explosion.

Ming: 3   Pirate: 3

The Ming Warrior who previously wielded the Nest of Bees unsheathes his Dao and approaches the Pirates on the other side of the rock. The remaining Pirate Plunderer pulls out his Blunderbuss and moves out from behind the rock to open fire at the Ming. He pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. After about a second of confusion on both sides, the Ming proceeds to slash the Pirate across the throat with his Dao. Right after he dropped to the ground, the Pirate Captain pulls his Flintlock Pistol, rises up from behind the rock, and proceeds to shoot the Ming in the head.

Ming: 2   Pirate: 2

The Pirate Captain then proceeds to drop his pistol and pull out his Cutlass. Meanwhile, the First Mate pulls out his Flintlock Pistol and aims for the final Pole Gun-wielding Ming. He fires and hits the Ming, but it doesn’t kill him. The Ming then fires his Pole Gun, killing the First Mate. The Pirate Captain then lunges toward the wounded Ming and proceeds to slash him along the side of his neck with his Cutlass.

Ming: 1   Pirate: 1

The Pirate then turns his attention towards the Ming Captain, Dao still drawn. The two clash swords in a fast-paced motion. The two manage to cause some damage to each other in their battle, but nothing severe enough to stop the other. At one point the Pirate quickly pulls out his Boarding Ax and swings it at the Ming’s head to get him in one shot, but the Ming manages to duck and thrusts his Dao into the Pirate Captain’s stomach. The Pirate lets out a wale of pain, and the Ming wastes no time in pulling the sword out of the Pirate’s stomach and swings the blade at the Pirate’s neck, decapitating him.

Ming: 1   Pirate: 0

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Ming Warrior: 516

Dao – 118

Three-Barrel Pole Gun – 202

Nest of Bees – 35

Mechanical Landmine – 161


Pirate: 484

Cutlass and Boarding Ax – 84

Blunderbuss – 73

Flintlock Pistol – 128

Grenado – 189



This battle really came down to the overall hitting power of the Ming’s weapons. The reliability of the Three-Barrel Pole Gun and the Ming’s skill with the Dao is what ended up ultimately tipping the score in his favor. It’s kind of sad really. I mean, the Blunderbuss is what ultimately won the Pirate his victory over the Knight, but in this battle it ultimately became his biggest liability.