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Ming Warrior vs. Pirate

by Renix360   August 27, 2010 at 12:13AM  |  Views: 382

Ming Warrior:


Short Range – Dao

Mid Range – Three-Barrel Pole Gun

Long Range – Nest of Bees

Explosive – Mechanical Landmine



Short Range – Cutlass and Boarding Axe

Mid Range – Blunderbuss

Long Range – Flintlock Pistol

Explosive – Grenado



Dao vs. Cutlass and Boarding Ax – Edge: Dao

Both both the Pirate and Ming Warrior and the Pirate are excellent close range fighters, but the Ming Warrior is just more skilled at close range than the Pirate is, despite the fact that the pirate has two weapons. Plus, the Dao can be used a little better defensively than the Cutlass/Boarding Ax Combo if necessary.

Three-Barrel Pole Gun vs. Blunderbuss – Edge: Three-Barrel Pole Gun

I have to admit that both of these weapons are extremely devastating, but the Blunderbuss has too much of a tendency to misfire than the Pole Gun, so it just isn’t as reliable (which odd considering that the Blunderbuss is more advanced than the Pole Gun). Plus, the Pole Gun can actually get a little more range than the Blunderbuss, so you can actually get kills from it earlier in the fight than you can with the Blunderbuss.

Nest of Bees vs. Flintlock Pistol – Edge: Flintlock Pistol

This one was kind of a hard one because of the fact that both of these weapons underperformed in their respective matchups, so it is really hard to hold them in high-regard. However, the Nest of Bees’ 32 arrows fire too randomly to be very reliable. The Flintlock Pistol, on the other hand, has a better chance of hitting what you want. Even though it won’t necessarily hit the exact spot you want, it has a better chance of hitting the target than the Nest of Bees.

Mechanical Landmine vs. Grenado – Edge: Grenado

Both of these weapons are just devastating. The very fact that both of these weapons can inflict multiple kills at once is just amazing in my mind. However, the fact that the Landmine has to be found and triggered by the enemy is a little weak compared to the Grenado which can actually be thrown. This gives the Grenado the Edge.

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